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Acoustical Ceilings KVAT

Acoustics have a profound effect on our work environment.  Our concentration, productivity, and stress levels are impacted by the sounds around us. Acoustical ceilings absorb redundant sound and disturbing echoes that are created in busy buildings. Acoustical ceilings not only absorb sound, the installation provides a impressive backdrop with for your professional environment.


Commercial Window Treatments

Our commercial blinds products provide the ideal solution for executive, conference and training facilities, inaccessible high bay, and public areas.

From the board room, to 40 foot tall exhibition areas, there are commercial blinds solutions that meet your  criteria. Our blinds are fashion forward, quality window coverings that provide years of lasting value.


Resilient Flooring is an all encompassing product line with products for almost any application.

Resilient Vinyl Flooring LVT

The economy and utility of Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is the perfect Entry Level Flooring choice for Educational, Institutional, Simple Retail and back of House areas.

Commercial Sheet Vinyls are perfect for Healthcare, Clinical and Food Prep areas. A modern seamless Sheet Vinyl installation offers vastly reduced likelihood of Bacterial or Mold growth which reduces the liabilities associated with infections.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LTV) is a relatively new product created from a combination of natural and synthetic materials along with generous recycled content – all engineered to bring beauty, strength, and durability for the lifetime of the product. Designers and decorators love the flexibly of LVT with hundreds of low maintenance designs available in all Shapes, Sizes, Patterns, Edge Details and Textures convincingly mimicking Tile, Wood Plank, Concrete, and more.

Resilient Flooring installations can be finished off with a border of Resilient Wall Base. In addition to typical coved profiles, manufacturers are now offering exciting new sculpted resilient base profiles with the look of traditional wood moldings.


Ceramic Tile - Indian Motorcycle Dealership

Whether Quarry, traditional Ceramic or ever more popular Porcelain – Hard Tile has long been the choice for practicality, functionality and beauty. Able to take whatever is thrown at it, Hard Tile is the perfect choice for commercial restrooms, break rooms and high traffic areas. Hard Tile is naturally stain resistant

and extremely durable. New styles convincingly offer the beauty of highly polished marble, honed granite, cleft slate and even wood planks. Fireproof, durable and repairable – a Hard Tile installation can be depended on to last decades.


In one form or another, carpet has long been a mainstay of the commercial flooring industry. Originally manufactured from wool and natural fibers – modern commercial carpet is now made almost exclusively from synthetic materials which are highly stain resistant and 100% recyclable. Recycled content currently runs as high as 80% or more. Commercial carpeting allows end users to express themselves with almost total freedom of style, design and color. With its soft feel and high skid resistance, carpeted floors contribute to comfort and safety of almost any space. Carpeting also enhances any environment with excellent acoustical and insulation qualities. Carpets have been traditionally manufactured and installed as roll goods, however modular carpet ‘tiles’ are now approaching 50% the market. Carpet tiles are typically more durable, have upgraded backings and allow for less waste. Damaged areas can be repaired by simply removing and replacing a tile. Whether roll good or tiles, there is a carpet for almost every application and budget.


Commercial Carpet Squares
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