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Suspended Acoustical Ceilings are the go to for commercial ceiling needs.  This is because of their low initial cost, quick and flexible installation, ease of plenum access and overall versatility.  Held in place by a simple metal suspension system, Suspended Acoustical Ceilings offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and function.   The tiles are manufactured from natural Mineral Fibers, Ceramic Fibers, Fiberglass, Metal, or even Wood.  It is universally accepted that acoustic properties within the work environment have a profound impact on concentration, creativity, productivity, and stress levels.  Acoustical Tile Ceilings not only absorb redundant sound and disturbing echoes that are created in busy spaces – but can also prevent sounds and echoes from being transmitted into adjacent spaces.  When molded Ceiling Grid systems and premium Acoustical Ceiling Tiles are incorporated into the design, Suspended Acoustical Ceilings can also make a strong and beautiful visual statement. With numerous options to choose from, you can create a unique and inspiring design. 



K-VA-T Food City Headquarters Full Lobby - Acoustical Ceilings
K-VA-T Food City Headquarters Hall Acoustical Ceiling
K-VA-T Food City Headquarters Lobby Acoustical Ceiling
Alpha Natural Resources Cafe- Acoustical Ceilings - Armstrong Curved Axiom
King College- Acoustical Ceilings
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